Hello, everyone!

My name is A.N.G. Reynolds, but you can call me Ang (rhymes with ‘sang’!).

As you can tell from my mostly empty website, it’s brand new! I actually just set it up last week and it still has that new website smell. Never fear, however, I am ready and prepared to fill it up with all kinds of great and wondrous information regarding, well, almost anything!

The main focus of the website is going to be, of course, my upcoming book launch. This website is the official headquarters of my Book Launch Extravaganza which will involve sneak previews of my book, some behind-the-scenes tips and tricks from my writing experience, and info on where and when you can find me at conventions and book signings!

You can also get news through my official Newsletter (sign up box should be just to the right of this page!) which is sent out periodically with all sorts of exclusive content like Book Progress Reports, exclusive sneak peeks found nowhere else, and giveaway announcements.

By the time April comes around, my goal is to have you as pumped up and excited about my book as I am.

Thank you so much for your support!


– Ang


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