“So, Ang, how is marketing for your book going?”

Well, I made mochi.

I come from a short but stout line of writers. I inherited the art from my mother (hi mom!), an amazing woman with endless, boundless words to share with the entire world. Although she dabbles more in non-fiction than I do, she throws everything she has into any discussion, blog post, and conversation with the check-out lady at the local grocery store. Millions of words and thousands of ideas a month. She would undoubtedly be on her fourteenth volume if she put all of this into a book (hi mom! Hope you’re reading this!).

Myself, on the other hand, continue to bang my head against the wall, hoping that maybe some percussive maintenance will knock some great idea for a social media or blog post loose from the cobwebby attic that is my major thinking organ.

Alas, I come up short again and again.

Do not get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy interacting with my followers through every outlet at my disposal. You, my gracious reader, are exactly why I write. To present you my story is the entire goal of this process.

I am not, however, experienced or great at keeping a running blog. I get distracted, I lose focus, I “don’t have time.” And sometimes I just go make mochi. This particular batch that dragged me off of my uncomfortable desk chair and into the kitchen like some crazed hermit scrounging for bread scraps at the local market was lemon and it was delicious. If you have never made mochi, I highly recommend it, even the microwave recipes are simply delicious.

So my point is this: tell me what I can do to get you excited about my book. Tell me what you would like to see on my blog or social media sites. What would interest you the most about the process I am taking to get my book from Inkling to Published Novel? Ask me questions that I can use in my blog posts through any means necessary (social media, email, comments on my blog itself).

Do not be afraid to reach out to me, we will have a laugh over some freshly made mochi.


– Ang


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