Topic: Aristotle & Sons, Book 1 Progress

Summary: Progress on Aristotle & Sons Book 1, “Set’em Up” is going smoothly. The book itself has nearly finished the editing stage and the final touches are being finalized, including the as-of-yet-not mentioned exclusive bonus scene set some 70 years before the events of the book.

Accomplishments: 1. Finalization of editing; 2. Finalization of eBook cover; 3. Preparation for formatting and font emplacement; 4. Revitalization of Author Ang’s forgotten–I mean temporarily set aside social media accounts and website; 5. The impending official release of cover art; 6. The official announcement of the book’s release date: December 15th, 2018 (yes, it’s for real this time!).

Challenges: Overall, the publishing process is going about as fast as an astronaut trapped in molasses on the moon, but things are beginning to pick up. Although no announcement has been made yet, it is entirely possible to see Ang appear at a local convention come March. Details soon to follow.

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