“About” is such an ambiguous word, especially when it isn’t paired with a specific topic, like this page. What exactly does “About”, in this case, mean? While this is technically my (A.N.G.’s) website, it is also the home of my book launch headquarters, my newsletter, my blog, my pool of Social Media links, as well as the focal point of my career as a writer and author. So, “About” seems somewhat vague.

“Well, A.N.G., just change the page title. It’s not that complicated, really.”

No, no, no, I couldn’t do that. Firstly it would upset the whole minimalist styling of my website; each of my (currently) five pages, About, Aristotle, Blog, Contact, and Home, are titled with just one word. If I were to say “About the Author” or “About the Book” now, that would get cumbersome and disrupt the entire aesthetic of this website.

Secondly, I wouldn’t be able to have this deep, near-metaphysical debate on how ambiguous “About” is in this instance. Isn’t that entirely interesting? Don’t you long to add deep meaning to the most mundane of occurrences? How many websites have you visited that have the “About” page and go straight for the obvious? All of them, correct? Only here do you get a rousing discussion on just how vague the English Language could be in the “About” section as opposed to the more obvious “The author lives in blah, blah, blah with many cats and rarely wears anything but her favorite green sweater?”

Alright, fine, if you must satiate your curiosity of me through a page on my website. I do, in fact, live with many cats (Scout, Saintly, and Mochi-Mochi) and many fish, but the green sweater thing is a lie. This said, I don’t leave the house often, so nobody can prove that I don’t wear a green sweater everyday.